Munich is the home of the Oktoberfest, the capitol of Bavaria, and the most visited city in Germany. According to a recent survey, most Germans would like to live here, because of the exciting character of the city, being a metropolis of over 1 million inhabitants, but at the same time pertaining the charming character of a much smaller town. That's why Munich is sometimes called the Village of the Million.

Although in the first line recognized as the city of beergardens, beautiful architecture, parks like the English Garden and the Oktoberfest, Munich is an important site of insurance and hightech computer companies, and - of course - Siemens and BMW.

You will never get tired of the Bavarian food and beer, maybe experienced during a Bavarian Show.

Munich is surrounded by open Alpine scenery, and there are many opportunities to visit sights as Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castles, or see the beautiful Bavarian lakes, all possible within a day. Even Salzburg is only 2 hours away from the city. During the last weeks before Christmas, the big Christmas Market in the city center is a magnet for thousands of visitors each day.

Together with the excellent international flight connections and the outstanding international and local hotels, Munich is a unique package, not only for Germans but for everybody in the world.