Berlin is the biggest city and the capitol of Germany, site of the Federal Government and many international embassies. Berlin has been the symbol of the Cold War, as it was divided into the Allied and the Russian sectors for over 40 years follwing the Second World War. From 1961, the Wall has marked the border line between freedom and oppression. History is still very much alive and can be visited all over the city. The Wall years will never be forgotten, same as the role of the American and British forces, who guaranteed freedom for the western part of the city.

After the reunification of East and West Germany in 1989, Berlin became the capitol of Germany again and has been a boom town since.  No other city in Germany has more five star hotels, and hotels in general. Today you find buildings of international fame like the Sony Center next to monuments representing the times of the Prussian kings, like Brandenburg Gate and the Museum Island with the world famous Pergamon Altar. With a bristling art and music scene, with its fashion shows, its international film festivals, its excellent restaurants and theaters, with its history and many different quarters of diverse characters, with millions of visitors from all over the world, Berlin is on the same level as London, Madrid, Paris and Rome.